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Rayfull 40' Saddle Roof Container Shelter

Rayfull 40'x 50' peak roof container shelter, can be installed on two 20' or 40' containers or concrete wall. The shelters can be customized with front door, rear panels and sizes. Suitable for use all year.

Item No.: RAY4050C
Fabric: 610g or 900g PVC
Frame: Galvanized steel



Size: 15.24(W)×12(L)×5.2(H)m / 50(W)×40(L)×15(H) feet

Cover fabric: PVC 610g, PVC 900g or PE 300g tarpaulin fabric

Frame size: Arch pipe:φ60×2, vertical pipeφ60×1.5, doubel truss

Frame material: Heavy duty galvanized steel tubes.

Truss quantity: 7 groups, interval 2m


Container shelters, also known as container domes or container canopies, are bulit using shipping containers and fabric covers. Offer a range of features that make them suitable for various applications, including storage, workshops and industrial use.

  • Modular design: Container shelters usually use standard shipping containers as the structural base. This design allows for easy assembly, disassembly and relocation as needed.

  • Durable construction: Shipping container is sturdy and durable. When conbined with high quality fabric covers, container shelters offer long-lasting protection and structural integrity.

  • Peak roof design: The shelter with peak roof design, which offers increased headroo, and facilitates better drainage of rainwater and snow.

  • Customization: According to customer's requests, we can supply various customization options, such as back cover, front door, skylights.

  • Weather resistance: The fabric covers use on the container shleter is high quality PVC or PE. These materials provides protection against harsh weather conditions, including rain, wind, snow and UV radiation.

Packing and Shipping

The container shelter will be packed in steel box and ship to you

Packing size: 2.4×1.1×1.1m, 2 packages



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