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Rayfull 10FT Detachable Flat Pack Storage Container

Rayfull detachable flat pack storage container is a versatile and innovative solution for storage needs, designed to offer convenient and flexibility.
Unlike traditional storage containers, detachable design allows for easy assembly and disassembly.

Item No.:RAY1002DE
Size: 8ft, 9ft, 10ft and customized sizes.
Color: Can be painted according to your requests.
With forklift holes.



1.Size: 10ft(L)*7ft(W)*7ft(H)

2.Material: The container use durable steel for walls and floor, wall thickness: 1.0mm

3.The container consist of 6 pieces of detachable panels and bottom base to faciliitate easy disassembly and transportation.

4.The container with lock for security of stored items.

5.Customization: The container can add door, windows, shelves, hooks according to specific storage requirements.


  • Modular Design: The detachable container features a modular construction, allowing it to be easily disassembled into individual panels and components. It is convenient transportation and storage.

  • Easy Assembly: Two pepole can install one container in 20 minutes. You can quickly assemble the container without the specialized skills or equipment.

  • Durable Materials: The container use high-quality steel, makes the container resistant to corrosion, weathering and impact damage, ensuring durability in carious environments.

  • Transport: When the container disassembled, the container becomes compact and stackable, making it easy to transport using standard shipping methods.

  • Low Maintenance: With minimal maintenance requirements, the container offers convenience and cost-effectiveness. Its durable materials minimize the need for repairs or replacments over time, ensuring long-term usage.

Packing and shipping

Because of the detachable design, the container can be disassembled and stackable when packing and shipping.

One 40ft container can load 16-20 units.



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