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Prefabricated Sandwich Panel Foldable Container House

The Prefabricated Sandwich Panel Foldable Container House is an innovative housing solution designed for portability, efficiency, and rapid deployment. Constructed primarily from lightweight yet durable sandwich panels, this modular dwelling can be easily transported and assembled on-site with minimal time and labor. Its foldable design allows for convenient shipping and storage, making it ideal for temporary or semi-permanent housing needs.

Item No.: RAY2009F




 External dimension: W2500mm×L5800mm×H2450mm

 Internal dimension: W2320mm×L5640mm×H2380mm

2.Frame Material: Shaped steel galvanized moment tube

3.Wall Panel: Class B fire prevention board 

4.Roof Tile: EPS plate

5.Door: Steel security door

6.Window: Alumimun window ( size according to design )

7.Floor: Glass magnesium floor

8.Roof load: ≧50 kilograms/m2

9.Flooring load: ≧150 kilograms/m2

10.Wall deformation: ≦300 kilograms/m2

11.Wind loading: 11 level of wind loading

12.Fire proof: A grade



Prefabricated foldable container house offer a range of features for various applications, including residential, commercial and emergency shelter needs. The below are some key features:

  • Foldable design: The container houses are designed to be foldable, allowing for easy transportation and setup. 

  • Modular construction: Prefabricated containers are typically modular in design, meaning they can be easily connected or stacked to creat large structures or customized layouts according to specific requirements.

  • Lightweight material: The containers use lightweight materials such as sandwich panels, which consist of an insulating core sandwiched between two layers of steel panel, makes these container houses easy to transport and assemble.

  • Insulation: Sandwich panels provide excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to maintain comfortable interior temperatures in both hot and cold climates.

  • Quick assembly: Three people can install one unit in a half hour, significantly reducing construction time compared to traditional building methods.

  • Portability: Once assembled, these container houses can be easily moved if needed, making them ideal for temporary use, as well as for use in remote or inaccessible areas.

Packing and loading

The container can be folded when loading, one 40'HC can load 10 units.



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