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20FT Expandable Container House With Bathroom

Rayfull 20ft expandable container home is a versatile and innovative housing solution that combines functionality with portability. It can be easily transported to various locations, making it ideal for temporary or mobile living arrangements.

Item No.: RAY2030M




  • Folding size: 5900mm(L)×2140mm(W)×2500mm(H)

  • Opening size: 5900mm(L)×6470mm(W)×2500mm(L)

2.Area: 36㎡

3.Roof structure and material: Galvanized steel frame, tube size: 100×50mm, 50×50mm and 80×40mm

4.Wall panel: 75mm thickness EPS sandwich panel, both sides with 0.4mm thickness sheet

5.Roof panel: 50mm thickness EPS sandwich panel, both sides with 0.4mm thickness sheet, roof cover corrugated matal covers

6.Main door size: 1350×2000mm, or can make according to customer's requests

7.Windows: size 900×1000mm double glass PVC sliding windows

8.Flooring: Using composite floor

9.Electrical: With power supply connector, distribution box and socket with different countries standard.


  • Expandability: The primary feature of an expandable container house is its ability to expand or collapse as needed. The container house have sections that can be easily extended or retracted, allowing for customization of space based on requirements.

  • Easy for trasnportation: Like traditional container houses, prefabricated container house are designed to be transported easily.

  • Quick assemble: Prefabricated units can be assembled much more quickly than traditional construction methods since much of the building work is completed in the factoy.

  • Customization options: The container houses can offer a range of customization options in terms of layout, finishes and amenities. Rayfull have own engineer team, can provide flexibility to tailor the deisgn to the specific needs and perferences of the customer.

  • Cost-efficiency: While the initial cost of prefabricated units may be higher than traditional construction methods, the overall cost savings from reduced construction time, labor costs, and potential energy efficiency can make them a cost-effective option in the long run.

Packing and shipping

Fold the container when shipping.



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