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Rayfull 40'HC Shipping Container with 4 Side Doors

40'HC shipping container with 4 side doors is the idea option for intermodal transportation and storage.

Item No.:RAY4004SD
Container dimensions:
External Size(LxWxH): 40'x8'x9.5' feet / 12.19x2.4x2.9m
Internal Size(LxWxH): 39.5'x7.7'x8.8' feet / 12x2.34x2.68m
Side Door Size(WxH): 9'x8.2' feet / 2.7x2.5m



  • Spacious interior: The container have 40ft in length, 8ft in width and 9.6ft in height, can provide ample space to accommodate big volumes of goods and oversized items.

  • With four side doors: The container with four side opening doors and one end opening door, offer access from multiple angles and efficient loading and unloading operations.

  • Heavy-Duty locking: Every door have locking system to ensure the cargo safety during transit.

  • Waterproof Sealing: The container door sealed against moisture, dust, and other environmental elements. It will protect the cargo from damage during transport, especially over long distances.

  • Internal shipping compliance: Every container with internation shipping standards have CSC certificate and CSC plate, making it suitable for both domestic and international transport.


  • Transportation: It is an ideal container for transporing a variety of goods.

  • Storage: Can be a small warehouse for storage items.

  • Offer flexibility and versatility in supply chain management.

Packing and Shipping

The container can be shipped to you with other goods inside, you will need a crane to unload it.


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